More Holga luvin’


I thought my latest Holga phase was going to wear-off this week, they normally only last a few days, but I’m into week 3 now…

I’m getting a very pleasing look, or pleasing to me anyway, with Fuji Acros 100 black and white film. I’ve used the built-in flash for most of these as we haven’t seen the sun on the Isle of Man for quite some time now.

I’m scanning all my own stuff now on the Epson V700, which I think is the best thing I’ve purchased in a long time. I still have my negatives developed at the fantastic Peak Imaging in Sheffield.


  1. These are great! I’m a huge fan of x-process Holga shots, but there’s something so beautiful about the black and white. Going to have to give a BW roll a chance. Thanks for sharing man.


  2. Hey Phil, is it a night and day difference between the Canon 9000f and the Epson v700? My Hasselblad arrives today and I definitely want to scan my own negs. I figure it’s mostly going to be for places like Flickr and Facebook and if I want to go to print, I’ll pay for a drumscan at that point. So the question is, for computer screen-based photos, is it worth it to spring the extra cash for the Epson?


  3. I know next to nothing about photography so I look at just the photos/subjects themselves, not knowing the difference between this camera or that… That said, I totally dig your stuff. Some of these particular photos (can I use the word “snapshot” anymore?) remind me of ones my parents have in their old photo albums from the 50’s..


  4. Very nice set indeed! I take a different kind of photos than you, but I also like my Holga more and more each roll I take. Have to tape it with electric tape to not loose the back, and measuring with a little straw to get proper distance for the macro “lenses”….. I really love my Holga too! =)
    Have a great Sunday evening!


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