Last minute experimenting…

I shot these images while experimenting with different exposure techniques, exposing for the shadows, highlights and rating the film at lower box speeds (over exposing the film, but developing as normal). Results are varied, to see the least…

All images made on a Mamiya 645 Pro TL, 55mm lens and Fuji Pro 400H film. All images are straight scans on an Epson V700.

I’d appreciate any feedback from other Pro 400H users. I have 100 rolls of the 400H waiting for me in Canada to shoot a project in September, so I need to get it right.


  1. PK

    Hey Phil, these look very good, a little overexposed if anything but that is probably a good thing. If I can offer my experience, it would be the following. I had to change my approach to shooting color negative once I stopped printing on the enlarger. I don’t do any overexposure or underexposure, or pushing or pulling at the lab. I just try to get the cleanest negative I can for the scanner, so I shoot the film at the rated ISO at what I feel or the meter says or my interpretation of what the meter says it should be. That way I can do in post what I used to do in the darkroom; correct for color, contrast, etc. This has been working pretty well for me, for what it’s worth. Everybody has their own approach. Good luck I know it’s a lot of anxiety with that many rolls on the line. Whatever approach you come up with just stick to it so that you can use a consistent solution when you return with the film.


  2. According to the “Film is not dead” e-book from Jonathan Canlas, you should do it like this:
    Broad daylight: +1, Open shade: +2, Really flat light: +3. And always develop like normal.
    This way he achieves the signature pastel-look from the 400H. It’s an interesting book to all who’s in favor for Film photograhpy. Lots of nice images and cool tips & tricks.


  3. I just got my first roll of 400H (35mm) back and I too rated it at 200. I liked the results (though the lab seem to have given everything a slight green tint). I think anywhere from 200 to 400 is certainly valid, it just depends on the look you’re going for. My next roll will be at 320 I think, or maybe 400, to see what I prefer. FWIW, I like your darker, moodier shots using the 400H at it’s rated speed.


  4. Wow if only I had achieved half the results you are getting when I was shooting film, I wouldn’t had vail out. These look incredibly good, colors are beautiful, detail, everything. Really really great!


  5. respect phil! love your images.
    i cannot understand why but your photos always make me look twice. they are somehow communicating attributes like: reality, honesty and unvarnished life.
    keep up the good work!


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