Multiple Holga

I made the shot above by exposing 3 6x6cm frames over one section of Fuji NP400 120 film. This is a process that is very easy with a £20 Chinese Holga, impossible with a £5000 Canon digital. I scanned the image at a relatively low 800 dpi, but this is fine for web use. I did a few small adjustments in Aperture 3 – increased the contrast slightly, darkened the blacks and added a green tint. These are all things that I’d do if I was actually printing it in a darkroom (for anyone born after about 1987, search ‘darkroom’ on Google for more information…)


  1. Glad to see you working the Holga, and it’s also good to see an analog-digital workflow example as well. There aren’t enough analog shooters these days!


  2. LOL, your darkroom comment gave me a good laugh this morning Phil. Your work has helped inspire me to shoot film. I’m currently shooting a few roles on a Canon 35mm camera while I wait for my “new” Hasselblad 500c/m to arrive 🙂


  3. I randomly came across your site and already like your scans. Would you mind sharing your scan workflow and settings in VueScan? I really had trouble getting it right and I ended up just using the Epson scan software from my V600. Thanks.


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