Four forgotten photos on film


Once you’ve taken a shot on film, that’s it, you get what you get. You could tamper with things in Photo Shop, but what’s the point? You may as well have just shot the image on digital. I love getting films back and discovering photos that I’d forgotten I’d taken, for various reasons, usually alcohol related. These images are often at the end of the contact sheet, shots I take to use-up a roll of film.

All these shots, of close friends, were made on Fuji Pro 400H film. I’m having a bit of a love/hate relationship with this emulsion at the moment – some shots look great, but other seem to be a bit over contrasty. This is an issue I need to sort-out, because I have 100 rolls of the stuff sat in a dark place in Yellowknife, Canada, waiting for me to start a 3 week photo-essay in September…

Does anyone have an exposure tips on this film? Maybe I should try over-exposing it a bit?  Or perhaps it’s the way the negs are being scanned? I’ve got an Epson V700 arriving tomorrow, I’ll try re-scanning…I’ve got 65 days to sort it out!

All images made on the Mamiya 645 Pro tl and 80mm(top 3) and 55mm(last shot)





  1. Trudy Barrow

    These are great! You have such an amazing way of relaxing people, bringing out the natural ‘them’ (not that I know any of them, but you images make me feel that I do!)

    Superb work, as usual.


  2. I can tell that these people are so full of character and life, just from the photos. Sadly I don’t have any tips for your contrast issue, and I don’t think over-exposing will help. I enjoyed taking a peek at these, though. Thank you!


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