Six Quatre Cinq Road Trippin’

I took these shots in France a couple of weeks ago. My friend, Rich Plumley, and I flew down, I had some shots to get in Bergerac and had arranged a meeting with a photo agency in Paris, so we decided to drive the 1000 miles back to the Isle of Man, via the capital. Things didn’t go quite to plan…

I’d organised to meet in a cafe near the Eiffel Tower at 5pm, by 4pm we were still 70 miles East of Paris. East, I know, we should have been South, but French sign posting isn’t great…OK, we got lost.
We finally hit the Périphérique, Paris’ infamous ring road, at 7pm. I phoned and cancelled the meeting and we continued our drive North toward the Channel Tunnel.

All the images were made on a Mamiya 645 Pro tl and 55mm lens. Film is Kodak Portra 160. I got the 55mm for a real bargain, it arrived the day before I left to go to France, it’s a fantastic lens. The 645 has now replaced 35mm as my ‘snap-shot’ format.

I love photography and I love road trips, the two were meant for each other. I think they should get married.


  1. Oddblogger67

    These shots are amazing! Phil, you have a way of making the most mundane things look interesting, this is a very rare talent indeed.


  2. Your final statement is absolutely spot on. Very nice pictures, I especially like the ones of the old car and the withered white door surrounded by ivy. I think it’s time for a road trip again…


    • Thank you!

      I got my 645 with 80mm for about £350, it’s in absolute mint condition, and then added a 55mm, which I love.
      I use the Pro tl on AEL and spot metering almost all the time, the metering is very accurate and this set-up suits my style of shooting.
      Things to look out for? Well, I don’t think there’s many that have been abused by pro’s like the RZ,RB,etc were, so just keep your eye out for a good clean example. I’d recommend any of the newer Mamiya, Pentax and Contax models.


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