Most of the shots below were taken out of the window of my van whilst driving up through France and around Paris. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with iPhone photography and the thousands of apps that have sprung up – I’m a film snob, so I want to hate this type of photography, but I do like the results! I made these shots with the very popular Hipstamatic app, I do the ‘shake to randomise’ thing which makes you look like you’re having a fit after every shot. I’d like to do this type of photography with a film camera, but it would work-out VERY expensive!

By the way, taking photos whilst driving is illegal, even in France…


  1. These are great shots! It’s hard to believe that you took them while driving!

    Great work!



  2. I just got an iPhone 4s and truthfully the main reason I wanted it was for the camera. I like doing candid shots and unposed portraits but when my Nikon D90 comes out subjects move away. Too intimidating for some people I suppose. On the other hand a “camera” phone is so ubiquitous these days no one seems to notice. I love that there are photographers who embrace iPhonography.


  3. “…I’m a film snob, so I want to hate this type of photography, but I do like the results!”

    Ack, I heard that! Whenever I get on an anti-digital/anti-iPhonography rant, someone throws a beautiful digital/iPhone image in my face (like you did here, darn you), and I end up being jealous instead.

    Anyway, I’m new here, and I’m really loving your eye.


  4. Great to try something different and what a terrific collection, but I am like Luddy I am not a great fan of Hipstamatic, but I also see it as an experiment that at times can surprise us or lead us on to try photography with a different perspective in shooting with a medium format or 35mm camera


  5. Very nice collection of snapshots, I like it and don’t mind seeing such phone pictures every now and then. It’s just another way to play with reality and lots of fun. I don’t have an IPhone but a Samsung Galaxy S and modify the snapshots with the Magic Hour App, this is mainly in addition to the pictures I take with a DSLR, a smaller Digicam, a Lomo and any other cmaera I get my hands on. The good thing about phone fotography is that you always have it with you so you can take pictures all the time and given the possibilities provided by apps filters you can create something special out of the most ordinary things you see in daily life. Capture a moment, whenever you want, whatever you see 🙂


  6. I’ve found myself intrigued by the success with minimal effort by the iPhone apps.
    I love the look, the efficacy, but not the feel of my images with the iPhone.
    Like you said, if it could be done on film like this it would totally rock.
    But to wander off down a theme with an iPhone could be really fun, something like what you did with “The world at my feet”.

    I guess it would fall more under the category of “pop art” as opposed to classic photography?


  7. Normally I would hate images taken on a mobile, and question whether it was really a photograph. But there’s just something about these pictures that work. Whether it be composition and the way they have been processed, don’t know, but they are really good. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Great images! I’m loving shooting with my phone. One of my photog friends commented that I shoot different with my phone, which I see. With my phone it’s very instinctual. I’m attracted to light and just shoot, without thinking about fstops or shutter speed, or anything else. It’s also leading me to see more compositionally now, and hope I can learn how to translate that into a portrait session.


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