“My time,my creation”

Scott Clark

I found these two shots on the end of a roll of film that I was scanning, I’d completely forgotten about them.

When I first met Scott, a couple of years ago, he asked me what I liked doing, I told him I liked taking photos. Scott replied, “That’s good, you’re a visionary…it’s good to be a visionary”.

I only spent a relatively short amount of time around Scott, but in that time I did learn a lot from him and most of what he said changed me, for the better. I last saw him properly toward the end of last year, in the back of my camper van on Ballaugh Beach car park. Five of us sat for hours, talking. I think Scott was the visionary.

Whatever it was he was looking for, he hadn’t found, or perhaps he had? At the end of April 2012, Scott took his own life.

Scott and Milo


  1. Della Churchill

    Thank you Phil for such lovely photos of my nephew (and Godson) Scott. He was a very special person – they don’t come along very often.


  2. I’m sorry Scott could not see beyond the gray flatness. That’s what it feels like. No end to the gray. I imagine that’s why he called you the visionary.

    Been in your shoes. Damn.


  3. thank you for sharing some photos of my brother…..he was at peace and in his words not mine,he did find what he was looking for, in no way did he do a selfish thing,we only cry for ourselfs coz we want him with us,Thank You So much For sharing these photos, 1 Luv x


  4. Claire Clayton

    Someone has said he looked a ‘gentle soul’ and that’s exactly what Scott Clark was. I’ve never met anyone like Scott and I know I never will again. He had an incredible gentle nature who had a wonderful way with children & animals alike. I feel incredibly sad that he never knew the impact that his passing would have on those that knew him, no matter how brief. The world is a sadder, darker place without him in it. God bless you Scott, we all miss you greatly xx


  5. We are all searching for something, it takes a brave person though to realise it. Beautiful images of a surely beautiful man. I believe many of us at one point have sat where Scott did.. xx


  6. This is one of the reasons I got into photography: To preserve moments in time. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Yet street photography is one of the hardest to master, mainly because we never know how each person is going to react. This article certainly reminds us there is no time like the present to get started on all we want to achieve and succeed.


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