‘You are my autumn’

I’m working as Director of Photography on a short film being shot on the Isle of Man at the moment called ‘You are my autumn’. The short, written and directed by Richard Plumley, is being shot on various locations across the Island and is now into its 5th  month of production…I know, they shot Star Wars in less time than that, but we’re only shooting when we have free time, which in my case is hardly ever. In Richards case it’s 7 days a week.

My job as DoP on this film is to argue with the director, design and set-up the lighting, provide counselling to disillusioned actors who were promised “a one-way trip to Hollywood”, interpret the directors unique vision and crappy stick-man storyboard drawings into something easy on the eye with my camera. I also end-up buying the first round in the pub after the shoot and we only ever stay for one drink. Richard Plumley barks orders at everyone, though he does it well, and take the credit for EVERYTHING.

I took this photo on set, midway through an evening filming session. I’d set the lights up and was shooting stills to show Richard the lighting (because we can’t afford a monitor yet) and I grabbed this. Shot on a Canon 5D MK2 with 24-105L at 24mm. ISO was 640.

Lead actor and actress, Matt Corcoran and Janine Lashmar on set.


  1. Sounds like a challenging shoot. I hope the film has some exteriors––the Isle of Man has such interesting terrain. Buying the first round at the pub sounds like solid diplomacy, especially if tensions are running high on set. And remember: you’re only as good as your last day.


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