Six by four point five.

6×4.5cm film has always had a bit of a bad reputation, too big to have the convenience of 35mm, but too small to be a ‘proper’ medium format. But this is why I like it – most 645 cameras are no bigger than a professional size 35mm slr, but they produce a negative that is three and a half times bigger.
I bought a second-hand Mamiya 645 Pro tl a couple of weeks ago, in an as new condition for £350 – an absolute bargain. I love the camera. I’ve had it in my bag with my Mamiya 7II, which I’ve hardly used, it’s so much easier to use the 645. I use the spot metering 99% of the time, which seems to be very accurate. The standard 80mm 2.8 lens is razor sharp.Here’s a few images that I’ve shot over the last couple of weeks. All images made with Kodak Portra 400. I already have quite a long queue of photographer friends who want to borrow this camera…


  1. Absolutely gorgeous look to these photographs, I really like your style when you take a portrait, I would really love to try my hand at medium format but I will have to practice a bit more with 35mm, your work is ver inspiring…… Thanks…Tim


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