We are family.

My offspring – Matt, Ric and Jess.

We were out for a very rare family walk last week, it’s not often you see all the Kneen’s in one go! I shot two rolls of Kodak Portra on my Mamiya 7II. When we got back I noticed that I’d knocked the exposure compensation dial to  -2 stops, but I wasn’t sure when it had happened? I almost dumped both rolls. I’m glad I didn’t!

I’m not doing much in the way of commercial work at the moment, I’m working on personal projects, collaborating with writers and doing what I want to do, shooting what I want to shoot. Because of this, my compositions are less ‘safe’, less crowd-pleasing. I’ve had negative feedback, some of it from close friends, but for every negative comment there’s 30 positive responses.

These are the photographs I like to take.


  1. It’s now actually rather difficult to image the images looking better if you were not -2 on exposure.?
    Yeah, it’s a difficult thing getting mixed reviews but in the end we all truly know what work makes our own individual hearts sing, it only gets weird when others don’t share the feeling.
    Really beautiful images in my opinion.


  2. Jane H

    You’re the best photographer on the island. Even your “accidents” like these. Beautiful, personal, without over sentimentality. Honest, if I could use any word to describe them. Love your work Phil, continue pleasing yourself, not the crowd. Also, keep posting the blog links on FB, it does have it’s uses.


  3. Alan Jarvis

    Hi Phil, I remember you telling me that you hadn’t developed your own individual ‘look’ or style – well you sure have now! And what an amazing style it is, I could recognize one of your portraits a mile off.

    You’ve come a long way in…8 years? Very well done, I’m fully expecting to see your work in higher places very soon.




    Your images are World class, but unfortunately, in this day and age, people don’t appreciate good photography. I showed a copy of ‘British Journal of Photography’ to a friend the other day – he flicked through and declared the photos to be crap, adding that he could do better. BJP is considered to be the cutting edge of the photo World, as you’ll know.
    Phil, I don’t know anything about you, but I’ve followed you as a photographer on Flickr and through your website, for the past 4 years and your work just gets better. Keep plugging away, ignore the ignorant feedback and you’ll soon see the rewards…..


  5. PK

    Mr. Kneen, excellent work as always. Negative feedback is important because if everyone liked your work (which is pretty much impossible) most likely you would be doing something wrong. When people are critical it is very important to listen to the criticism and then determine which parts of the criticism are directed toward technical or fundamental elements and which parts are directed at stylistic elements. There are areas of photography where we can always get better so it is important to get this kind of feedback, especially when we stretch our talents. BUT, if someone is just making stylistic comments, I could care less. I know that everyone will not like my style and that is part of the point. Some people will just never “get” or never appreciate what you are trying to do. Of course, everything I just said assumes that you are receiving detailed, constructive criticism. If something just says “It’s crap” or “I don’t like it” they’re a knucklehead and their comment doesn’t deserve recognition.


  6. Enoyed your pictures and blog. The idea of trying to find the balance between individual expression and commercial success is a huge one. I am a musician and it is a hard one to find, nice to hear others talking about it.


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