My new Epson V750 scanner arrived yesterday. The first thing I did was take to the negative carrier with a hacksaw and a file. These carriers are never quite big enough to scan full frame, so a bit of DIY is always required. This image of Bonzo was shot on a Mamiya 7II with 150mm lens using Kodak Tri-X rated at 800 ASA.


  1. Hey Phil, this is a really nice portrait. I like the smooth tones of that medium format tri-x a lot. I also love the effect that filed negative carriers have with scans and real darkroom prints. I’ve seen other photographers have the similar “black border” (scott pommier for example, but I think he uses an imacon scanner).
    Could you post a picture of your filed negative carrier one day? Would be very interesting to see how that looks.


  2. Steven Lawrence

    Hey Phil! Idk if you still have your Mamiya 7 or even the 150mm lens but i was wondering how difficult would you saying focusing with the 150mm lens is? Also, was this photo shot at the widest aperture?


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