Mamiya 7II Portraits

I’m having a love/hate relationship with my Mamiya 7II at the moment. I love the quality, but its under-generous minimum focus distance is causing me problems. I’m also finding the rangefinder to be a bit of a pain in low light, in fact, I tried using the M7II with a flash attached in very low light, but found it impossible to focus. I’d use a Hasselblad, with its lovely bright focus screen and close-up capability, but I had a 503cx and didn’t like the square format.

I may have to start looking at large format again…

All the images below were made using a Mamiya 7II and 80mm lens. Colour images are Kodak Portra 400, black and white images are Kodak Tri-X 400. All developed and scanned at Peak Imaging


  1. All the photos have their strengths (as always), but my fave has to be number three. The back-light defines her shape nicely (the rim light on her shoulder is lovely) and I love the highlight in her eyes.


  2. I agree with bluelyon all of the images have there own merits and as a whole with the heads up about the camera equipment it has made a very interesting blog. If I were to chose an image it would have to be the final image.


    • PK, I hear what you’re saying! I’ve been looking at Hasselblads on eBay today actually. A nice 500, with 80mm T* and I’ll add an extension tube to it for closer portraits. I’ll never get rid of the Mamiya 7II though, I love it.


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