Mamiya 7II Portraits

I’m having a love/hate relationship with my Mamiya 7II at the moment. I love the quality, but its under-generous minimum focus distance is causing me problems. I’m also finding the rangefinder to be a bit of a pain in low light, in fact, I tried using the M7II with a flash attached in very low light, but found it impossible to focus. I’d use a Hasselblad, with its lovely bright focus screen and close-up capability, but I had a 503cx and didn’t like the square format.

I may have to start looking at large format again…

All the images below were made using a Mamiya 7II and 80mm lens. Colour images are Kodak Portra 400, black and white images are Kodak Tri-X 400. All developed and scanned at Peak Imaging


  1. All the photos have their strengths (as always), but my fave has to be number three. The back-light defines her shape nicely (the rim light on her shoulder is lovely) and I love the highlight in her eyes.

  2. I agree with bluelyon all of the images have there own merits and as a whole with the heads up about the camera equipment it has made a very interesting blog. If I were to chose an image it would have to be the final image.

  3. a lot of these look fantastic. im going in for medium format soon too. nothing fancy, an old yashica TLR is on the way from ebay, haha. but should be fun. great shots u got here!

  4. PK

    Great work Phil! I would give the Hassie 503cx another try – the glass is superior and the 6×6 format can be freeing if you commit to it.

    • PK, I hear what you’re saying! I’ve been looking at Hasselblads on eBay today actually. A nice 500, with 80mm T* and I’ll add an extension tube to it for closer portraits. I’ll never get rid of the Mamiya 7II though, I love it.

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