35mm London

I had the most fantastic long weekend in London last week with my lovely wife, Helen. We did all the tourist things – London Eye, The British Museum, The War Museum (where I saw the amazing Don McCullin photography exhibition), we ate-out and spent a lot of time in various pubs with good friends, Amber and Loz. I really didn’t want to come home!

I took three cameras, a Mamiya 7II medium format, a Nikon TW20 compact and an Olympus Mju II compact and 10 rolls of film. All the shots were taken on the Olympus using Kodak Portra 160 film.


  1. Tim

    Hi Phil, I always enjoy you’re interesting and cleverly put together shots, I enjoy following your journey. I have put your advice into practice, I have bought Snap-speed’s very usable App to marry up to my iPhone 4S, the results are surprising me already, cheers buddy!


  2. Jane Whicks

    You have a masterful talent for photography. I’m certain that one day, soon, people will be going to see your exhibtion at one of the London museums.

    Superb stuff.


  3. ujsmiles

    These photos are so beautiful! I live in London and I’ve never taken such great photos like you’ve done of London! Really amazing! It’s like the photos you see on the postcards…!


  4. Carlos Ferreira

    There is something special about shooting a proper film camera. The colours are more accurate, most of the time, you get the feeling of the process. Loved these.


  5. Hi, Phil! These are really beautiful shots. I also had an Olympus Mju II but it recently got decommissioned because no camera repair shop can repair it anymore. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!


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