Summertime blues.

Lockett Somerville, Blue Point, Isle of Man. February 2012(Mamiya 7II, 80mm, Kodak Tri-X)

It’s the first day of British summertime today, the clocks have gone an hour forward, robbing me of a precious 60 minutes of sleep and upsetting my delicate body-clock. I still don’t understand, at 42 years old, why we have to adjust the clocks back and forward every year?Anyway, it’s been summer on the Isle of Man for a few days now, which is lucky, because the passenger side window of my car has been jammed open for the past 3 days – if this had happened two weeks ago I’d have frozen to death within 5 minutes of my daily commute.

I like the winter, I don’t know why, but I can always tease a better portrait out of a person in the winter. All my favourite portraits have been taken outside, in winter, I prefer the dull, muted colours and flat light that we tend to get on the Isle of Man. I’m going to make a concerted effort to do more summer location portraits this year. I’m off to the US to shoot a project at the end of the year, so I really need to get used to using bright sunlight.

I upgraded my iPhone 3Gs to the 4Gs this week, I’m a big fan of any gadget that includes a camera, but I was never really that impressed with the 2mp effort on the 3Gs. However, the 4Gs has an 8mp camera which is a lot more usable. If you take the original through a few apps, in this case Snapseed and Tilt-Shift, you can produce perfectly acceptable results.

Simon Campbell (iPhone 4Gs)


  1. Very ponderous thoughtful shot of Simon. Wonder what he’s thinking about. Maybe the ocean, maybe whose round is it. Maybe something more substantial. Great use of the new iPhone needless to say and just goes to show you the 21st century is a century of convergence.


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  3. I always love the portraits you took. And my love to B&W photography just getting bigger with what I’ve seen though your works. Those two basic colors sometimes bring out the deeper emotion than I think they can.


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