The Fixer.

Copyright Phil Kneen

If I’m ever away in a far-flung corner of the World, shooting a job for National Geographic magazine, and I get kidnapped by bandits….Actually, I’m going to start this piece again, but this time with a more realistic scenario – If I’m ever away in some seedy backwater of Eastern Europe, shooting a bizarre project idea that came to me in a dream, and I get arrested and thrown in jail for starting a drunken bar fight, the first person I’m calling is Trevor Gibbs.

Trevor Gibbs – Writer, expedition leader and logistical manager.  He’s led expeditions all over the world, including the Himalayas, Africa, SE Asia and Arabia. Trevor has managed community projects for NGOs and charities in Cambodia, South Africa, Nepal and India, managing teams of volunteers working with landmine victims, AIDS orphans and tsunami survivors. He’s also worked with TV and production companies in post-earthquake Haiti, East Africa, the Middle East and Nepal. I’ll list a few of the countries he’s been to, not all of them, because I don’t have a spare 4 hours to do it – China, Vietnam and Cambodia, India,  Haiti and Cuba,  USA and Canada, Uganda, Ethiopia, Southern Africa, Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Libya, UAE, Oman,Nepal, Australasia and the Pacific Islands…blah,blah,blah. Trevor hasn’t been into space, yet. Oh yes, I forgot, he’s also worked as a ranch hand, dive master and mural artist.

They say that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. I believe that if a job’s worth doing well it’s worth getting Mr Gibbs involved. Trevor and I have been very close friends for about 10 years,in 2009/2010 we did a project together about the Solway Harvester tragedy , I did the photographs and Trevor did the words. He also organised the entire project from start to finish, I know that without him ‘Harvest’ would have remained firmly attached to the launch pad of my mind. We nearly fell-out on several occasions during the year that ‘Harvest’ was in the making, 99.9% of the friction was caused by my complete lack of organisation at the time. I’ve learned a lot since then – ALWAYS answer the phone to Trevor, whenever possible, and reply to emails IMMEDIATELY, whenever possible.

Trevor is a doer, he gets things done, he’s a sorter-outer of problems, a fixer. After, and despite, any problems that we may have encountered in the past, I’m pleased to say that Trevor is again pairing-up with me to document another project. This time next year we will have completed a photo-essay based on the South-West area of The USA(more of that in future articles…).

At the time of writing this article, Trevor is guiding actor and TV presenter Denise Van Outen, Lydia Bright(The Only Way is Essex) and a photographer from OK magazine on a cycle trek somewhere in India. I hope none of them get into a bar-brawl, but if they do, they’re in the very best hands…

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