I haven’t used a 35mm camera for a while, when I’m shooting film I shoot medium format. A couple of weeks ago I borrowed a Nikon FM3a camera, it’s a beautiful piece of kit. I only managed to shoot a couple of rolls before I had to give the camera back to Simon Campbell, the new and rightful owner (Simon has just been sucked into the addictive world of film photography)

All shots – Nikon FM3a, 35mm f2 AIS lens and Fuji 400H colour or Kodak Tri-X mono print film. The images are all completely unaltered.


  1. I have also just been sucked into the world of film photography! It’s obsolete and expensive, but every click on my old Nikon FM is more addicting than the last…now if only I could take photos like these… great post! Big follow for me.


  2. Love your line, “I shoot people.” On my blog, I should say, “I murder people” since I write murder mysteries. I did use that line once on a retired police officer who wanted me to ghost write a boring book for him: I said, “You don’t want me to work on your stuff. I murder people.” He never asked me again.


  3. These shots are incredible! I love the soft lighting… so beautiful! Makes me want to buy a film camera! Thank you for a great post… I will be following your blog now so I look forward to new posts and things to come!


  4. Yikes! Spot your photos, oh sorry, I see they have been unaltered. These are lovely pictures, you’re clearly great at connecting with your subjects. They interact well, but some of them look skeptical. With good reason? The colors are lush and I love 35mm for portraits. All of the photos except the first one have parts of their heads cut off. Interesting choice. It doesn’t distract from the image, but I do think the 1st shot is my favorite.


  5. Nothing like 35mm. That is my medium too. I like how you have each of your client’s eyes saying something to us via your camera. Great on being freshly pressed. They do choose the best of the best and now you are definitely one of them : )


  6. Susie

    The choice of the direct gaze which immediately involves the viewer, together with the consistent tight framing, makes for a really pleasing portrait series…


  7. keeper

    Good to see people still shotting 35mm. I get some of the strangest looks from people when I tell them I still shoot 35. Great post too!


  8. Bria Nelson

    These are gorgeous! You said you shoot medium format, if you love that you have to get your hands on a 4×5 the amount of detail and the tones always come out GORGEOUS! 🙂


  9. Nice! I am currently enrolled in a 35mm and digital class. I like both look but i have to believe that there is still good use for film exposures. I am still learning f-stops and shutter speeds. I think i’m getting there.


  10. My daughter finally made off with my old Canon and though I haven’t used it in years I do relish the art of 35mm. Thanks for the reminder that the old ways still have their place in our digitized world.
    Happy Pages,


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  12. Tranquil Moments Photography

    Never used a 35mm before. I think I am going to dig out the old Minolta x370 belonging to my husband and give it a try. Looks inspiring. Love how you “broke the rules” on the rule of thirds for most of these and had your subjects in the center of the shot, but they still look great. Cheers.


  13. Wow truly amazing work, I only yet started to get into photography , so your blog is inspiring to me thanks 🙂 I also want to go to mobile photography like with a cellphone also. Do you have any tips for me.


  14. Glad to see you are going old school. I’ll never forget shooting 35mm at a remote surf break in mainland Mexico in the 80’s over 2,000 shots only to discover when I returned home that my shutter had ink in it which partially melted in the tropical heat causing each frame to be cut in half. The highs and lows of photography, keep up the good work.


  15. fredrodriguezphotography

    I really like the feel of your portraits and I really need to go back to shooting film instead of this digital… I think the quality and experience is so much better… Thanks for sharing..


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  17. markella

    Great Talent, Great Eye. This reminds me why I ADORE my 35mm….even as I get bewildered stares from teenagers as I re-load my film. There is something captivating about well done, un-altered photos . Nice Job & grats on being Freshly Pressed!


  18. These are absolutely stunning. I love using film myself, but my ’72 Canonet has been acting up and the basic Canon Rebel has been collecting dust on the top of my photography shelf. I’m glad you posted this. You’ve inspired me to a new challenge. I’m going to pull that Canon off my shelf tomorrow and ink a few rolls of Kodak. Thanks for the kick!


  19. Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to have a look at my photos. Thanks also for the fantastic comments and feedback, it’s very much appreciated.
    If my images have inspired even one person to have a go at shooting film, then I’m happy !

    Film is the past, the present, and hopefully, the future.


  20. olivernielsen

    It really shows that film still has something that digital hasn’t and that out of the box, the images come out better. Digital need some work to look the same.

    Great images. Very honest and direct.


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