Sad times in Amsterdam

At the end of October 2010 I went to Amsterdam to photograph Davy Knowles playing in front of 6,000 people in the Heineken Arena. It was a very difficult time for me as my brother had died two weeks before and I was leaving Holland 48 hours after the gig to attend his funeral in Birmingham. The day after the gig, me, Davy and the tour manager, Lenny, travelled by train to The Hague to stay with Lenny’s sister and family. I took a load more digital photos of Davy in various places around The Hague, none of which I really liked, I just didn’t have photography in me that weekend. I don’t think Davy, or anyone else liked them either, to be honest.The next day we all went our separate ways, Davy back to Chicago, Lenny home to the Isle of Man and me to the West Midlands to say goodbye to my big brother.

During that weekend I also took a few grainy black and white images, 36 to be exact, on a 35mm film camera. I packaged the film up and sent it to a lab in England from my Dutch hotel, the envelope of negatives was waiting for me when I arrived home, broken.

I could never really look at the digital images, there’s 1000+ live shots of Davy Knowles, Joe Satriani and Sonny Landreth sat in a folder on my hard drive waiting to be edited. I didn’t even open the envelope of negatives, let alone scan them. I finally had a look a few days ago.

I think the way I was feeling is kind of reflected in everyone else…


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