Six by Seven

All images taken on a Mamiya 7II, 80mm lens and Kodak Portra 400 film.

I got my first batch of film back from today, 5 rolls of Kodak Portra 400. For a 400 ISO film, the sharpness and low grain is fantastic. Peak have done an amazing job with the developing and scanning too, and at £15 a roll to develop and scan to disc (25mb files) it’s pretty good value. I certainly won’t be bothering to scan my own negs from now on.

This is the kind of photography I love – the photographs I take because I like them. These images are as they came out of the camera. No editing, cropping or post production of any kind.


  1. I’ve just emigrated to Australia from the UK, and I’ve found the cost of developing and scanning to be quite horrendous in Sydney. I hope I find a good local place soon, because the thought of buying a scanner and doing it myself fills me with dread. Last time I did this, I spent all my time fiddling with the scanner instead of out shooting 😦


    • Yeah, I feel your pain! I was spending £17 for a develop and scan, when you’re shooting project using 30, 40, 50+ rolls of film, it gets expensive!
      I’m now paying £4.13 for developing and scanning my own. The V700 software is great, I’ve got proof scans (2mb) on a full roll of 645 down to less than 5 minutes. Although a full print/exhibition scan and edit can take hours using Vuescan.


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